Empowering all children to be happier and more fulfilled

Dealing with the Manic Panic

This engaging book is for children between 4 to 11 years old to enjoy while learning a few life lessons. Babu is a quirky elephant who is set on how things should look, until a small change challenges his whole world. Now Babu has the challenge of finding a solution before he has a manic panic? The book has been written and illustrated to encourage solution finding, good communication and emotional control, all with a good twist of fun. A great read for children with their parents.

A fun, light read for children, great for promoting communication, responsibility and amongst other things, ownership of their actions.


Learning Disability Strategies for Teachers & Parents

This thoroughly researched book of 409 pages addresses how to manage and educate children with Learning Disabilities. Take immediate steps to improve the child’s life with creative teaching strategies and parenting tips aimed at making learning easier for the child. Applicable for children from 3 years of age up to 9.
The strategies address the challenges of parents, tutors and teachers on teaching individuals with Learning Disabilities so as to give the child a far better chance at being happy and engaged in their schooling, career, social life’s and later heading into adulthood.


About the Author

Co-written by in collaboration with Constantina Akrotiriadou, MBA in Special (Inclusive) Education and MBA in Technologies of Learning and Communications.

Understanding children with autism

A book for autistic children of ages 4 to 14 to read with adults, that empowers them to take control of the various aspects of their live. This book is written from the child’s point of view and immediately associates them to the important aspects of autism. For the adults it puts the reader in the “Boots of the child”. It is also got plenty tips and advice for the adults.

A fun, light read for children, great for promoting communication, responsibility and amongst other things, ownership of their actions.



"I loved the concept and how it takes a pragmatic approach.
I loved the simplicity of it and the playful tone when
addressing the child.
I really liked the structure and the fact that the author has
problem - answer - tips for the caregivers and parents.
I feel like the authors put the child in the position of the
"doer" which is so refreshing! Recognizing that they have the
ability to change their lives for the better and it's not all
about the adults. I think the children will feel very empowered
as they are being addressed directly and are taught to take
responsibility! The graphics look so fun!"

Maria Phytidou, English teacher and autism advocate


Not just between the child and the adult but in their daily life with their colleagues, friends and family.


A book that speaks directly to the child, in their language addressing their issues and showing them that there are solutions and they more than capable.

Emotional control

How to better deal with hyperactivity, outbursts and other emotional issues.

Organizational skills

Plenty insight and applicable ideas to how to get the child organized in a manner that increases their efficiency in getting work done.

Eating habits

Autistic children are all unique and with this in mind the book offers applicable strategies that addresses undesirable food habits.

Sleep issues

Practical advice that promotes a better sleep outcome for the child… and parent.

"A great, go to reference book."

"Made me and my child like to refer to. I made sure that my autistic nephew’s family had a copy."

Yolanda Amaral Geral, parent to a child with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFA)